Meet the fishbowl team working together  from  4 different cities to make the challenge happen. 

We created the Fishbowl Challenge because we are passionate about 2 things - bringing the world closer together by connecting young people around the world, and giving their ideas for changing the world a platform to launch from. We believe the future of our world is a global one, with people of different backgrounds, cultures and geographies rallying together to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. We want to provide participants with a safe space to experience global collaboration, launch something new they believe in,  and provide them with feedback and support to grow along the way.

The Fishbowl Founding Team

The Fishbowl Project Team emerged from the very first Fishbowl Challenge that we set for ourselves. We came together from different parts of the world and varying backgrounds to bring this idea to life. We came together from different parts of the world and varying backgrounds to bring this idea to life.

Tom Siegel

Until recently VP Trust&Safety at Google and now working on Internet Safety and Security as an entrepreneur, Tom's goal with Fishbowl is to give students the opportunity to experience what he's enjoyed most throughout his career - working as a global team across cultures to solve meaningful challenges that improve lives of people and society.

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Carme Moreno

Ex-Googler in Trust&Safety, and a marketing expert aiding company growth in retail and technology sectors, Carme is passionate about creating sustainable global growth for both start-ups and established businesses.

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Mubarak Osman

Having previously held roles in education, banking, aviation, and governance, Mubarak is keen on using his experience across these industries to support entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures to grow and scale.

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Enyu Rao

As a first generation college student that has pushed luxury brands to reach international clients, Enyu is ardent about involving himself with the start-up scene and becoming a key driver in the success of businesses in the future. 

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If you are interested in joining the Fishbowl team we'd love to hear from you! Please email us at at or send a WhatsApp to +1 650 862-2192


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