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What is the Fishbowl Challenge?

The Fishbowl Challenge is a college business plan competition which focuses on global collaboration towards solving some of the biggest problems facing the world today.

How do I enter the Fishbowl Challenge?

Individuals can apply to the Fishbowl Challenge by visiting with an idea or an interest in any of our listed categories of social issues.

Who are the mentors and how will they be involved?

We have curated a group of accomplished individuals with years of leadership, industry and academic experience who have agreed to have regular meetings with teams and help them shape, strengthen and ground their ideas and solutions. These individuals will serve as mentors to teams by providing guidance and resource support for teams during all stages of the program. Assigned mentors shall be communicated once teams have been formed.

I'd like to support the Fishbowl Challenge as a volunteer. How can I get involved?

Volunteers can be considered for joining the Fishbowl administrative team by sending an email to with an answer to the question: “Why do you want to join the fishbowl challenge team?” Interested individuals should also attach a resume and the URL to their Linkedin profile.


Do I have to pay an application fee?

Entry to the Fishbowl Challenge is free. Applicants simply have to apply via the application form which can be found at

Can I apply as a team?

No. One of the main objectives of the Fishbowl Challenge is to create the opportunity for cross-continent collaboration towards solving a problem, hence team formation will be from the pool of applicants.

Which countries can I apply from?

The Fishbowl Challenge welcomes applicants from all countries in America, Europe, and Africa.

What happens after I submit my application?

Applications will be reviewed and 100 candidates selected. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to go through a team formation process which will involve a matching process based on mutual interest. Teams will then begin the first round of the project which is a problem statement, ideation and initial business plan process.


How are teams going to be formed?

Team formation will be based on the problem area of interest, mutual interest through a double matching process and a balance in the distribution of candidates across the participating regions of the world.

At what stage of the programme will mentors be assigned to teams?

From the very onset of team formation in Round 1, teams will be assigned mentors who will arrange periodic meetings and check-ins to provide guidance and to ensure that timelines and milestones are duly met.

How long would the programme run for?

The programme is designed to run over a period of 6 months. There will be 3 increasingly selective rounds and a grand finale in August. The winning team will receive funding to refine their ideas and pursue a venture.

Who is a mentor?

Mentors are typically experienced thought-leaders in industry and or in academia who are committed to providing guidance and feedback to teams to help develop their ideas and create scalable ventures.

Why are you limiting the group to 100 students?

For the first-ever Fishbowl Challenge, we are only accepting 100 students which our current team has the capacity of handling whilst ensuring that we put together an amazing programme experience for participants. The relatively small number will also help us better understand and gauge student interest in the programme. Based on these learnings, intake for subsequent years will be adjusted accordingly.

What if I am interested in topics that are not on your shortlist?

This year, we are only accepting candidates whose interests are within the shortlisted categories. This is so that we can adequately aggregate interests in the process of team formation. Opening the programme to all areas will result in the dilution of problem areas and cause potential difficulty in forming teams, and finding the right domain experts (mentors) who can provide guidance to teams in the added categories.

What if I drop out of the program after some time (school commitments, health, etc.)?

We understand that life happens sometimes and plans do not always work out as intended. We would encourage that you inform the organizing team ( and your teammates ahead of time about your intentions to drop out of the programme so that the necessary mitigating measures can be put in place to ensure that your team is still set up for success in your absence.

Why were students from Asia and Oceania not allowed to participate in the program?

With Fishbowl being a global collaborative program for students, we had to find the right balance of working hours to ensure that students have an adequate window of time to work together on their ideas. Including Asia and Oceania to this year’s programme would greatly restrict the possibility for teams to schedule meetings together.. We hope to use this first run of the program to better understand challenges that teams are going to face when it comes to working together and most effective workarounds that can be used to mitigate this problem and deliver a thoroughly inclusive and global programme.



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