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The 2019 Fishbowl Challenge brought together 21 teams that worked to create solutions to global problems. Now, 6 weeks later, a group of 9 incredible teams will be jumping from the bowl into the pond for Round 2 of the Challenge where their solutions will be developed even further. 

The 2019- 2020

Fishbowl Challenge Teams


After Energy is addressing the problem of high fish feed costs and unsustainable waste management in Ghana. Their solution is a Biowaste Treatment facility that would transform organic waste into fish feed.

Lizzie Cruz  |  Collins Ohagwu  |  Dennis Nyarko
Lawrence Rufino  |  Nametso Moumakwa

i-lluminate is an affordable, portable, and rechargeable battery exchange system that will provide a solution to power failure and unreliable power supply in Africa.

Daisy Mukasa  |  MacDonald Nyahoja

Robert Zhey  |  Sangobowale Omotola

Pisces is tackling the negative effects that the fish industry has on climate change in Ghana. Their proposed solution is to create a sustainable aquaculture company that deploys efficient techniques across the value chain.

Crystil Adomako-Mensah  |  Luciano Boniface
Nana Sarpong  |  Nwachukwu Kenechukwu

Echelon Wave is tackling the issue of Polyethene Terephylate (PET) waste within Nigeria. Their solution proposal is to set up a collection and sorting facility of PET bottles that will eventually scale up to become a full-fledged recycling plant.

Anthony Justice  |  Bart de Baat

Eric Kamau  |  Ryan Wu 

ILITY is challenging the problem of mental disorder in Africa through their proposed solution of school-based interventions with two key components - a mental health curriculum and an online community with resources and assessments.

Daniella Banda  |  Derek Douglas

Henry Van Dyke  |  Munira Adam

Scopi has identified the need for a low-cost way to diagnose speech disorders in developed countries. Their solution is a modern and affordable diagnostic equipment, design for improved diagnosis in patients. 

Anna von Wendorff  |  Daniel d’Olimpio
Matthew Chan  |  Sonia Garcia

Envision is proposing a social trip planning platform as a solution to 'tourism leakage'. On this platform, travelers will be exposed to local experiences and businesses to both gain a more authentic travel experience and encourage money to flow directly into the local community.

Claire Chang  |  Catherine Njeri

Nicole Wen  |  Róisín Quinn

The Imperishables are proposing a solution to post-harvest loss of crops in Africa, with Nigeria as a pilot. The shelf life of crops will be extended by establishing collection centers, installing solar dryers, and supplying to the domestic and international markets.

Amin Gafaru  |  Bintu Bangura  |  Forget Shareka

Kennedy Okello  |  Patrick Agyei

TNT is focused on reducing the impact that water for agriculture has on climate change. To solve this environmental problem, they are developing a smart Irrigation control unit that is climate Smart and precisely applies water to crops in required amounts and at the right time.

Abdullah Juma  |  Ayomide Fagboyo
Bwambale Joash  |  Schuyler Rowan


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