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CLASS OF 2019/2020 

The 2020 Fishbowl Challenge Finalists

The 2019 Fishbowl Challenge brought together 21 teams that worked to create solutions to global problems. 3 months of intense competition, 2 selection rounds and numerous collaborative idea iterations later, 4 phenomenal teams were selected to compete in the finals. The prize? USD 50,000 to develop their ventures even further and make them a reality!



Lizzie Cruz  |  Collins Ohagwu  |  Dennis Nyarko
Lawrence Rufino  |  Nametso Moumakwa

After Energy is addressing the problem of high fish feed costs and unsustainable waste management in Ghana. Their solution is a Biowaste Treatment facility that would transform organic waste into fish feed.


Anna von Wendorff  |  Daniel d’Olimpio
Matthew Chan  |  Sonia Garcia

Scopi has identified the need for a low-cost way to diagnose speech disorders in developed countries. Their solution is a modern and affordable diagnostic equipment, design for improved diagnosis in patients. 


Amin Gafaru  |  Bintu Bangura  |  Forget Shareka

Kennedy Okello  |  Patrick Agyei

The Imperishables are proposing a solution to post-harvest loss of crops in Africa, with Nigeria as a pilot. The shelf life of crops will be extended by establishing collection centers, installing solar dryers, and supplying to the domestic and international markets.


Abdullah Juma  |  Ayomide Fagboyo
Bwambale Joash  |  Schuyler Rowan

TNT is focused on reducing the impact that water for agriculture has on climate change. To solve this environmental problem, they are developing a smart Irrigation control unit that is climate Smart and precisely applies water to crops in required amounts and at the right time.

Curious to know the incredible humans behind these projects?


4 teams pitched at the inaugural Fishbowl Challenge virtual finals for a chance to share in seed funding of up to USD 50,000 to take their ventures even further. Catch the replay now on YouTube!

Fishbowl Youtube thumbnail.png


Every contribution counts. Join us to support these amazing entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their innovative solutions. Invest in the future by donating today!

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