Young Businesswomen

Our mentors are experienced in building and leading global teams. They look forward to working with the class of 2021!

We believe that feedback is essential for growth. It’s for that reason that we’ve made mentors a critical part of the Fishbowl experience.


Our accomplished mentors are committed to the growth and development of all Fishbowl participants. They have brought ideas to life and successfully launched international projects. Mentors will provide feedback, guidance, and support to Fishbowl participants throughout the duration of the challenge.

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Brynna Evans

Director, Strategic ISVs 


As a mentor in the inaugural Fishbowl Challenge, I was overwhelmingly impressed with the ingenuity, hard work, and passion of the team. The Fishbowl Challenge provides a unique way for students to work together without geographical, political, or cultural barriers in a way I did not get to experience until several years into my career. I was able to see first hand how the power of diverse backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs can culminate in creative and innovative ideas that we could all learn from in the business world.


  • Aarthi Scott

    Director, GCS Solutions, Google

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  • Adedayo Ojo

    Manager, Customer Solutions,  KPMG

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  • Ana Isabel Jiménez

    Professor, University of Catalonia

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  • Berna Geylani

    VP, Product Marketing, Orion Governance

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  • Brynna Evans

    Director, Strategic ISVs, Salesforce

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  • Hollie Suffield

    Sr Manager, Partner Talent Programs EMEA, Salesforce

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  • Jagadha Sivan

    COO, Impact Mapper

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  • Jeff Dunn

    Education & Outreach Manager, Google

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  • Jorge Calvo

    Deputy Dean, GLOBIS University

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  • Markus Bundschus

    Head of Data Office, Roche

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  • Naureen Collings

    Director Learnings Strategies, More in Common

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  • Paulo Tavares

    Manager, Technical Knowledge, OutSystems

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  • Protima Advani

    SVP, UnitedHealth Group

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  • Roli Gupta

    Tinkering, Stealth Startup

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  • Rushika Pattni

    Head of Business Development, Selcom

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  • Sherene Chen

    Vice Chair, Marin Women's Commission

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  • Sorbarikor Lebura

    Vice President, Foodstantly

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