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Our mentors are experienced in building and leading global teams. They look forward to working with you and your teams!

We believe that feedback is essential for growth. It’s for that reason that we’ve made mentors a critical part of the Fishbowl experience. Our accomplished mentors are committed to the growth and development of all Fishbowl participants. They have brought ideas to life and successfully launched international projects. Mentors will provide feedback, guidance, and support to Fishbowl participants throughout the duration of the challenge.

Meet Our 2019 Fishbowl Mentors

Ana Jiménez-Zarco

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Professor, University of Catalonia

Donald Scott

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Co-Founder, Onepanel

Jagadha Sivan

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COO, Impact Mapper

Jorge Calvo

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Deputy Dean, GLOBIS University

Mateo Lopez

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Senior IT Manager, Everis

Sherene Chen

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Commissioner, Marin Women's Commission

Sushma Bhatia

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Head of Strategy and Operations, Google

Arun Verma

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Head of Quant Research, Bloomberg

Dr. Hashim Sabo Bello

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Board Member, Journal of American Research

Jeff Dunn

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Education & Outreach Manager, Google

Katrina ole-Moiyoi

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Environmental Specialist

Mike Todasco

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Senior Director Of Innovation, PayPal

Dr. Sheriff Alabi

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Head of Africa Governance, Nation Building Initiative

Tom Kosnik

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Partner, FoundersX Ventures

Brynna Evans

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Director, Strategic ISVs, Salesforce

Hollie Suffield