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Announcing the 2022 Fishbowl Fellowship

At Fishbowl Challenge, we’re on a mission to democratize social entrepreneurship. We’re committed to being the launchpad for 1000 young people globally to start 10,000 ventures solving the world’s toughest and most pressing problems over the next 10 years.

When our founders, an ex-Google exec and a Ghanaian electrical engineering student, met 4 years ago on a small island off the coast of Africa, it was their combined conviction that young people are uniquely equipped to be change-makers that drove them to found the Challenge.

Their mission was to create an organization that connects passionate students from around the world and provides them the space, mentorship, and funding to combine their diverse backgrounds and experience into sustainable ventures tackling food shortage, climate change, health inequity, access to finance, and education, and more. Three cohorts later, we’ve seen the validation of this vision several times over. Our winning teams have been recognized by the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, won grants from the National Science Foundation, been admitted to prestigious accelerators, presented their ideas to top foreign dignitaries, and even won Top Young Startup of the Year across all of Africa.

But our model hasn’t just been proven through our winning teams. Our core team – a group of passionate, dedicated volunteers - mirrors many aspects of the ventures we support. For those of us who’ve been with Fishbowl since the start, being a part of the team has been a crash course in entrepreneurship in and of itself. We’ve had the opportunity to wear many hats—from marketing, to comms, to impact investing, to business development, to community building and more—all while working to support incredibly inspiring and passionate entrepreneurs.

While we’re proud and excited about the impact our teams are creating already, our vision is much larger. But to exponentially scale the number of students we reach, ventures we launch, and communities we impact, we’re going to need help.

This is why we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Fishbowl Fellowship Program - a 12-month program for young, ambitious leaders looking for a meaningful way to make a difference in the world while gaining an immense amount of hands-on experience in marketing, comms, strategy, social impact, entrepreneurship, and more. Open to 3rd and 4th year college students and recent graduates, the program is an opportunity for young change-makers to dive into the world of social impact and leave with demonstrable skills and tangible outcomes of their meaningful work. As integral members of the Fishbowl core team, Fellows will sharpen their capacity for leadership as they drive uniquely tailored key projects with the guidance, mentorship, and support from our team and extended network.

In our inaugural cohort, we’re seeking fellows excited about contributing to one of the following critical growth areas:

  • Marketing & Design

  • Storytelling (Comms/PR)

  • Global Outreach & Engagement

  • Community Building

While each Fellow will drive long-term projects in their core area, everyone will have the opportunity to explore and support other components of the organization based on personal interest, including venture growth strategy, fundraising, operations, and more. Beyond the experience itself, Fellows will also receive a modest stipend for their work and references for future roles.

We will be selecting fellows based on their potential, passion, and experience, and the application is live here now. So if this sounds like you or someone you know, we can’t wait to hear your story, and we’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

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